What’s in Your Pouch?

As a server, its very important you come prepared for each shift. From experience, I have gathered and stuck to specific items that have helped me along the way. Ultimately, it’s the items in your server pouch that set you up for success during any busy shift.

In my server pouch I have:

IMG_1312 copy

Source: My own personal image
  • AT LEAST two pens – there’s nothing worse than when your favorite pen runs out of ink mid-order. Come prepared with a pack or multiple just in case.
  • A billfold – This item has my OCD self at ease throughout my entire shift. One side is dedicated to bills while the other has a pad of paper designated for food and drink items.
  • A pad of paper – this is a way to help you stay organized when taking orders and if you run out, receipt paper always works.
  • A float of at least $75 – not all restaurants require you to bring a float. If you, like myself, are required to then you know the struggle of scrambling for change thirty minutes before your shift. It’s important to have a mixture of bills, including coin, so you are able to give back any desired change.
  • GUM – there’s nothing worse than having a server talk to you and all you can smell is the coffee he/she downed before the shift. Having gum on you prepares you for the worst, and can cover up the fact that you might have been stuffing your face on a mistake the kitchen made.
  • Hand sanitizer – people and money are invested with germs. Working in a social setting, like a restaurant, is breeding grounds for sickness. Come prepared and use accordingly throughout your shift to avoid any unnecessary sick days.

Like I mentioned above these are the items that I’ve stuck with and consider my bible of serving. Obviously, depending on the type of serving job, your items will vary. If you have any other suggestions, let me know!


Until next time,



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