The Best Part About Working as a Server

Some will say that its the tips or the social setting that make serving so appealing. Personally, I feel the best thing about being a server is the copious amounts of food at your fingertips… at all times.

Now, to most people’s surprise, the majority of restaurants don’t offer their employees free food *cue dramatic gasp*.

Source: Giphy

At all the restaurants I’ve held a serving job, I’ve only ever been discounted 15-20 percent and allowed to have the odd bowl free soup. Don’t get me wrong, the discount helps and it was always appreciated, but having to pay for my food doesn’t stop me from ordering and eating copious amounts throughout my shift.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 6.33.55 PM
In my natural habitat at work
Source: my personal photo

I am a foodie at heart so its safe to say I tend to come up with wild contraptions. I usually will take something on the menu and spice it up with whatever flavour or add-on I’m feeling on that given day.

some of my favourite go-to meals at work (with a few add-ons of course)
Source: my personal photo

I’m a true believer in the saying that money can buy you happiness, well that is in the sense that it buys you food and food can make or break your mood (in my opinion).

Although there are many perks to working in the service industry, I without a doubt will say that for me, it’s the food that has me looking forward to go work. Is there anyone out there that agrees?

For my fellow servers, what to you is the best thing about being a server?


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One thought on “The Best Part About Working as a Server

  1. I always love when you post your creations so I can try them at work! My favourite thing about serving is meeting new people (the nice customers lol). I’m a shy person and serving has really helped me step outside of my comfort zone.


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