Finding a balance between​ work and school


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Since starting my undergrad at Western University, I have always held a part-time job on top of my studies. At first, I felt completely alone because many of my peers only had to focus on their school workload. It wasn’t until I began working at local establishments that I realized there are many students, like myself, just trying to get by.

As if the transition from high school to university wasn’t enough, just throw a part-time job on top it, right?

At first, I struggled to find that balance us university students seek to have. After a few months, I was able to get into the swing of things. I realized that holding a part-time job actually allowed me to put time aside specifically for school work, resulting in higher grades. Most importantly, I found myself more organized in all other aspects of my life.

Below are a few tips and tricks I’ve found helpful in finding that perfect balance between work and school:

  • Use a planner: write down any important school or social life events for which you can use to book off any time required from work. This ensures you stay organized in balancing work, school, and anything outside of them.
  • Schedule “me” time: sometimes you can get lost in the hectic hours you spend on the go. It’s very important to make sure you set time aside for yourself to wind down. Find a hobby that you enjoy doing and make sure you set time aside to do it.
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask for help: your mental health is very important and often it can get overlooked. All universities provide counseling to those who seek it so don’t be afraid to reach out if you need to. Most importantly, you are not alone, I’ve found that talking to someone who is in the same position is also a great outlet.


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5 thoughts on “Finding a balance between​ work and school

  1. Nicole,

    I thought your post gives students great tips for balancing life and work. During my undergrad I held two part time jobs while also being in school full time and I found myself struggling to find a balance often. I like your tip about using a planner, I felt that writing down all my shifts and keep tracking of all my assignment due dates helped me organize my time better. That way I know what sorts of activities I have coming up and how to prepare for them. Talking to friends and knowing that others are in the same boat also helps take away some of the stress.


  2. I’m the kind of person who actually is the most productive and feels the best about getting schoolwork done when I am busy! I also live by my planner, and am on the verge of a meltdown because it only goes until December and I am determined to find another one just like it. I’m really glad you stress the importance of taking care of oneself throughout the post! Always a pleasure to read 🙂


  3. Hi Nicole,

    These are some great tips! I never had a job in my undergrad (or in this current program) cause I was afraid it would be too much for me, so I really admire that you’ve stuck with your job and shared these tips. These are also great tips in general for students to stay organized while in school (with or without a job). Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hi N – I so agree with the things you said. I was always frustrated when people said they refused to work. Not working wasn’t an option for me. I found the same thing as you though – take on more, I am forced to manage my time effectively and focus on my academics in a smarter way. I also use a planner. From Chapters, it was $20.00 and I colour code classes, work, personal activities and extracurriculars. Love your points!


  5. Finding work life balance is a struggle beyond university life that we will face as we move forward.

    Thank you for sharing these tips on how to make a plan and schedule to stay balanced.

    Do you have any suggestions for “me time” that will avoid leading to procrastination? Often I get caught up in watching one show, next thing I know I have watched seasons or the whole show that’s out today.


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